Travel Plans

Travel Planning with PTK

At Passenger Transport Knowledge we have a team of transport and marketing specialists who can help deliver successful travel plans for businesses, entertainment & sporting venues, retail outlets, schools, hospitals and new residential developments (as part of the planning process or requirements). A travel plan is a package of measures used to encourage and enable people to choose alternatives to single-occupancy car-use, and promote greener, cleaner, healthier and more inclusive travel choices. Click here to organise a no obligation chat about how PTK could help your organisation.  

Tailored Solutions

Our travel plans are tailored to suit the needs of the particular organisation in question. To help ensure success we involve and gain the full backing of the organisations management team and staff at all levels through the use of surveys, information days and Green Travel Champions. Features of a successful travel plan could include:
    • Better information to promote informed decisions
    • Car sharing schemes
    • Encouraging walking and cycling
  • Providing cycle facilities
  • Negotiating improved bus services
  • Negotiating discounted travel with service providers
  • Offering attractive flexible-working practices
  • Use of webinars, Skype etc., to reduce need to travel
  • Restricting and/or charging for car parking
  • Electric Car Charging Points
  • Green Travel Champion
  • Regular review of the scheme and its success
Although the implementation of a travel plan will inevitably incur costs in terms of both time and money, the wider benefits gained arguably outweigh these:
  • Reduced journey times and costs for businesses, employees and customers
  • Improved health and morale of workforce and visitors
  • Enhanced local environment with reduced congestion and CO2 emissions
  • Improved company image and social responsibility
  • Reduced demand for on-site parking
  • Assisting with planning applications
Organisations with travel plans appear more responsible towards their employees, customers, community and the environment.

Travel plans can help organisations achieve environmental accreditations such as ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).

We’ve been working with Rotherham United Football Club to help with fans and visitors travel to the ground. Find out more about Rotherham United Football Club’s Travel Plan.