The RUFC Travel Plan

Helping the Red Army Go Green

Travel Information for the Millers

Rotherham United has been working with a number of partners to help make it easier to travel to the AESSEAL New York Stadium using sustainable travel options including car sharing, public transport, cycling and walking. Getting more people to use sustainable transport when travelling to the match will help make a positive contribution to the local community & environment. It will help to reduce harmful CO2 emissions and decrease traffic congestion on match days, and sustainable travel can also help promote more healthy lifestyles through increased physical activity and the use of active travel modes. It can even help to reduce match-day costs for fans through discounted public transport, facilitating car share and encouraging more walking and cycling.

Travel by Public Transport

The links below will allow you to download maps showing public transport links to the AESSEAL New York Stadium from surrounding areas. There are also links to transport providers websites and the traveline journey planner to help you find out what buses and trains you could use on match days. There are also details of Special Offers for Rotherham Supporters – including discounted match day travel and discounts on cycling equipment.

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There are lots of buses from all areas of Rotherham and the surrounding area that can be used on match days. You can download a bus network map, see last buses on match days, plan your journey with traveline or visit websites for First Bus and Stagecoach, or find out about supporters special offers.
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Rotherham Central Train Station is just a few minutes walk from the AESSEAL New York Stadium and offers links to places such as Sheffield, Doncaster and Leeds. To plan your journey visit National Train Enquiries. or view the live departures from Rotherham Rail Station.
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If you are cycling to the game we can try to match you with local fellow supporters so you can cycle together and have company and support. Click here to find out more about cycling together. Whether you cycle together or by yourself to the match, once you reach the AESSEAL New York Stadium there are dedicated bike shelters where you can secure your bike. We’ve also teamed up with JE James Cycles in Rotherham where you can get help and advice on everything to do with cycling and take advantage of some exclusive offers.
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  Carshare – home and away

You could save money by sharing travel costs and help cut congestion and pollution by car sharing with other Millers when travelling to home and away matches. Liftshare is free to join and helps to find drivers and passenger to share with. Visit their site to find out more at
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Definitely the cheapest way to get to the AESSEAL New York Stadium and great for your health as well as your pocket. We’re looking to co-ordinate walking groups to and from the stadium. If you wish to set up your own walking group with other Millers drop us a line.