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An example of how a small investment could make a big difference to the marketing and perception of bus services

I happened to be in Wellingbrough, Northamptonshire last week on business and took the opportunity to have a quick look at the services provided by Stagecoach Midlands.


Buses and bus interchanges are never going to be looking at their best on a cold damp December afternoon, but the services were running on time, the Stagecoach app worked a treat and the Stagecoach Gold services looked particularly good.


The thing that let the service down most was the aspect of the service that could be addressed with minimal cost, the roadside timetable and marketing information.


I’m not sure if it is the local authority or the bus operator who is responsible for roadside information in this area, but as one of my old bosses used to say to me, if you were Tesco would you allow someone else to put up all your in-store information and pricing and make a mess of it?


A minimal investment in some timetable backing boards, decent maps and destination guides for the information display and some new perspex fronts to the display cases would really improve the image of the interchange and perhaps improve the perception of bus travel to non users who walk through the area.


Please take a look at the report and as always, I’d be interested in your comments.

Click here to see the report: Stagecoach

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