Digital by Default?

Successful on-line marketing needn't cost the earth

“Digital by Default”, it’s a phrase that you hear more and more from marketeers in the passenger transport industry these days.

While we shouldn’t forget about other channels, including advertising on our own vehicles, which always seems to rank highly in post marketing campaign analysis, digital marketing certainly allows us to target potential customers in a way that we could only dream about twenty years ago.

Today we can use a wide range of tools such as Facebook, twitter, mailchimp, Sky Adsmart, doubleclick, googleadwords, youtube, and outbrain – to name drop just a few – to target the right people at the right time with the right message.

Unfortunately, not all coach and bus companies have the budget or skill sets required to take advantage of the full range of digital marketing opportunities open to them, even though return on investment can be outstanding. But you don’t always need to over complicate things or spend a fortune to get remarkable results.

On-line campaigns will more than pay for themselves

So, if you are a small or medium sized bus or coach operator with a website and Facebook account, what are the simple steps you can take to deliver a successful cost effective on-line campaign that will more than pay for itself through increased sales?

  • A simple, easy to understand, offer
  • A Facebook advert with impact
  • Targeted Facebook advertising
  • A persuasive web landing page that makes it easy to buy your product


It’s not that difficult, and for a cost comparable to decent sized display advert in a local newspaper, your business could deliver a highly targeted and measurable Facebook campaign that really gets results.

This type of approach is great for targeting groups such as students, launching new season coaching itineraries or promoting specific ticket types such as Family Tickets. It’s an approach that I have used many times with great success, including campaigns that have won national marketing industry awards.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be expensive to be successful, but you do need to keep your website and Facebook pages attractive and up to date. While there are lots of bus and coach companies out there that have an excellent on-line presence, I still see far too many websites that feature buses and coaches but no happy customers. There are also numerous examples of Facebook pages and twitter feeds that were last updated years ago – hardly something that fills customers with confidence about your business.

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Facebook – Some Facts & Figures


  • 78% of UK adults use Facebook on a weekly basis
  • 75% of all men and 82% of all women in the UK use Facebook
  • The percentage of people using Facebook by age group in the UK
  • 18-29: 54%
  • 30-49: 55%
  • 50-64: 44%
  • 65+: 43%




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