A new journey in passenger transport

First steps on a new, although familiar road

After some 30 plus years in the passenger transport industry and working for a number of major companies, I’m excited to have set-up and established Passenger Transport Knowledge Limited for which I hope will be an enjoyable and exciting journey!

Having retired from a Managing Director role at the end of 2016, I initially refined the processes and focus needed at my property investment company…but also enjoyed some me time! Like lots of people with diesel in their veins, I just couldn’t shake off the bus industry bug! After a number of conversations with former colleagues, Passenger Transport Knowledge now has a team of highly regarded and experienced people in place, with over 100 years of collective bus industry experience at its disposal.

I really believe that there’s a need and a market for an organisation such as Passenger Transport Knowledge, that offers practical, down to earth help and solutions to transport businesses and organisations. Particularly when those offering the service have themselves been there, done it and are able to hit the ground running!

Passionate about service delivery and profitability

Personally, I’m passionate about service delivery and profitability and I’m keen to help businesses to turn around problem routes, networks and depots. I’m eager to work with local company and depot teams to really get under the skin of the problems being faced, while supporting them to find solutions via deliverable action plans. We’ve all had problem depots over the years, and when even fairly small depot starts to go wrong the consequences can be dire in terms of financial losses and damage to the company’s reputation! I also know only too well that with busy diaries and work loads it can be very difficult to dedicate the quality time needed to help local teams turn things around. This is an area where I believe PTK can support businesses.

PTK’s other industry specialists include an award winning marketing & commercial director, and highly experienced finance, HR and engineering directors. All are keen to work on short or longer term projects and to assist in a variety of areas, such as turning around problem depots to providing interim cover, or supporting businesses in contract bids and mobilisations.

As PTK progresses to this next phase of development, I am confident that our team can help solve problems and add value in everything that we do. Keep watching and I’ll let you know how we get on!


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