Our Story

At Passenger Transport Knowledge we are passionate about public transport and helping you to create value in your business

Our team of passenger transport specialists has a vast array of industry experience, built up over many years, while operating at grass roots level right up to the board room. Along with our team of associates we have over 100 years of combined experience, covering a full range of functions including Commercial, Operations, Engineering, Finance, HR and Marketing. Our experience and knowledge will help you solve the issues and challenges facing your business. The PTK team are available to work on projects, such as contract bids and mobilisation, or we can support your business within any function, be it a poor performing depot, a recruitment problem, marketing or a need for interim management support.


Take advantage of our experience

You can take advantage of our experience without the cost and hassle associated with recruiting and employing permanent staff. You only pay for the period of time we are working for - and adding value to - your business.

We are proud of our down to earth approach that allows us to take a fresh and impartial look at the issues facing your business and our aim is to deliver practical advice and solutions to the challenges you face. With our hands on style we aim to add value to everything that we do, to help you and your staff drive tangible improvements. When we complete a project for your business the benefits will outweigh your investment.



All part of the service

At Passenger Transport Knowledge we are passionate about public transport

What we’re good at

Adding value to your business with our passenger transport knowledge

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Depot Health Check

Poorly performing depot, bring in the team from PTK


Winning bids

From local authority, PTE or TfL contracts to more complex bids we can help